Simple Links Counter 1.7 for Firefox 7

Posted on oktober 5, 2011
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I was about to develop a new plugin for Firefox 7 that was similar to the NoDoFollow plugin by Zachary Fox, which by the way I have taken on me to modify and verify for coming versions of Firefox since Zachary Fox no longer supports it. Well, my idea was to highlight outbound links and I didn’t find another plugin with similar functionality. Then for some reason I actually found a plugin, the Simple Links Counter for Firefox, but similar to the NoDoFollow plugin, no one supports the Simple Links Counter for later versions of Firefox.

Similar to the NoDoFollow plugin for Firefox, I have decided to take responsibility to verify and – if needed – modify the Simple Links Counter plugin for coming versions of Firefox, currently Firefox 7. I will not put more than the minimum amount of necessary work into the plugin, no new functionality, just minor bug fixes and verification and release for fute versions of Firefox.

The Simple Links Counter Plugin in its original form can be found here. It was created by FightCat. All cred should go to him/her.

The version numbers will be following the Firefox version number, that is, for FireFox 7 the version number of the plugin will be 1.7, for Firefox 8 it will be 1.8 and so on.

Here you can download the version of the Simple Links Counter plugin for Firefox 7.

Install the Simple Links Counter plugin for Firefox 7.x


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